2012 Austin Mini Maker Faire – Speakers

11:00 AM How to Market Your Small Business Without Alienating Your Friends Carlos is a Senior Agent and the Social Video Director at The Goodlife Team. He joined the Goodlife Team after a career as an Executive Producer in local television news. That provided Carlos with deep knowledge of Austin and garnered him numerous awards, including an Emmy. Carlos likes to play just as hard as he works. He regularly produces and promotes club parties, organizes volunteers for large scale art projects, and has spent countless hours perfecting his Michelada recipe. To relax, he likes to grill in his backyard and hang out with his wife and two kids.
12:00 PM Weird Things You Can Do with Homemade Gummy Did you know you can make gummy candy at home easily and inexpensively?  Not only does this mean you can use your own molds to make whatever shape you want, but you can also tailor it to all kinds of weird and wonderful cake decorating techniques.  Come see one of the biggest geeks in the sugar arts industry play with food and you’ll leave raring to try your own ideas at home! Kimberly Chapman is a multiple prize winner at the Austin cake show.  She has demonstrated her gummy techniques for several Texas events and for the industry’s leading celebrities including Mike McCarey and Nicholas Lodge.  She blogs her edible media experiments at www.eattheevidence.com
1:00 PM The Merfluke:  A Device for Human Thunniform Swimming The Merfluke VII is a device you wear on your lower legs to allow you to swim in much the same way that dolphins, among the fastest swimmers in the ocean, do.  This kind of swimming is called thunniform and differs from swimming with flexible fins (carangiform).  At the present state of development the Merfluke is functional but has not achieved the goal:  to allow an athlete to swim faster than ever before. Robert L. Read is the founder of Public Invention for All Mankind (PIFAM). When not working as the director of product development of Planview here in Austin, he tries to improve the world through invention. He is the holder of two patents and the author of the essay “How to be a Programmer”. He attended Rice University before getting a PhD in Computer Science at the University of Texas. He speaks Esperanto fluently, and has previously served on the board of Esperanto USA. In addition to being a father of two teenagers, he studies parkour and viola.
2:00 PM FreeSourcing: How to find and get free materials for your craft projects, share them with friends and save them from the landfill. We’ll go over where to find them, how to get permission to take them, what to do if they say no, and how to keep your eyes peeled for more. From grandmother’s button bins to business’ recycling bins, we’ll discover new ways of viewing the world around you. Bernadette Noll is an author, crafter, mother of four, extroverted partner of an introvert, co-founder of Future Craft Collective and Slow Family Living and lover of improvisational crafting. She is the author of Make Stuff Together from Wiley Publishing June 2011 and Slow Family Living; 100 ways to slow down, connect and enjoy family life, Perigee publishing Fall 2012.
3:00 PM Evolution of a LEGO® iPhone® case You’ve got a great idea.. what’s next? Follow along as we make finished product out of an interesting idea. Jim Thompson
4:00 PM Electronic Sound Synthesis All sounds are electronic– after all, the human ear converts sound waves into electrical impulses that get sent to the brain.  Mickey will explain how a synthesizer turns electrical impulses into sound waves.  He will discuss the basics of electronic sound synthesis which covers electronics, physics, biology, and history.  Then he will dive into the inner workings of a synthesizer, demonstrating and explaining fundamental parts of a modular synth.  Mickey will also make lots of weird noises for your enjoyment! Mickey Delp has been involved with electronics since he was a kid.  His grandmother taught him to solder when he was seven.  He currently builds and blogs about unique electronic instruments for fun and for his company Delptronics.   Testimonial:”Hey Mickey– I saw you at Nerd Night and wanted to say thanks for finally making clear to me so many things that I never understood clearly even with my engineering degree and having played music for 25 years.”
5:00 PM Build for Creativity Juan will be discussing how the built environment, specifically residential and community spaces, have the potential to foster or discourage a creative and engaged life… how simple design choices, as well as decisions about private and public space, have far-ranging implications for the generations of residents of the resulting spaces and their quality of life. John ‘Juan’ Walker is the construction manager for Hive Houston, a proposed shipping-container based artists village in Houston, TX, and a principal of Moduluxe, a Houston-based company focused on sustainable development.  Prior to Moduluxe, Mr. Walker was a partner in Numen Development, where he earned his reputation for ground-breaking work in designing and building shipping-container-based projects.  It’s single-family Cordell House was selected for inclusion in the 2009 Rice Design Alliance home tour and was featured in Dwell Magazine.  Mr. Walker has one foot in the art and non-profit worlds as well, having assisted arts organizations including Infernal Bridegroom Productions, Barnevelder Movement/Arts Complex, and Aurora Picture Show with construction and permitting issues on a pro-bono basis.  He is also a designer, dj, and the Houston contact for the Burningman Festival, an arts event held annually in the Black Rock desert of Nevada that is an ongoing experiment in temporary community, interactive art, and radical self-expression.  Since his residency at Houston’s Commerce Street Artists’ Warehouse in 1989, he has been fascinated with the interrelationship between the built environment, community life, and engaged creativity.