2014 Austin Mini Maker Faire – Speakers

Our speaker stage this year is brought to you by the fine folks at Nerd Nite and Dorkbot!speakers2014

11:00:00 Luke Keyes The Robot Group The making of Artie the robot
11:30:00 Sam Spetalnik Tech Shop Start Making Austin
12:00:00 The mysterious H Mysterious H Chiptune keytarist and programmer
12:20:00 Pony Trap Pony Trap  Robot drums and home-made instruments.
12:40:00 Jodi Egerton Typewriter Rodeo Custom poems on vintage typewriters!
1:00:00 Daniel G. Benes Wizard of Menlo Park A ‘modern Thomas Edison’ and his antique technology exhibit
1:30:00 Mike Jochum Erth vertical gardening for hydroponics systems
2:00:00 Lisa Wood Handmade Stories Participatory Digital Art Installation
2:20:00 Alex Lee RecycleBot Transform your plastic trash into materials for your 3D printer.
2:40:00 Bin Hu Dim3Printing 3D Printing Pen
3:00:00 Tim Deagan Propane101 Learn about creating booshes, poofers, torches, flambeaus and more.
3:20:00 Brandon Wiley TX Chip Synthesized electronic music produced by the sound chips of vintage computers, video game consoles, and arcade machines.
3:40:00 Mickey Delp Delptronics Unique electronic musical instruments
4:00:00 end

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