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Austin Area Homeschoolers Science Team

Austin Area Homeschoolers Science Team is making a name for itself among the large middle- and high-school science teams. One of the AAH science teams finished in second place for Science Bowl – one spot away from progressing to national competition! Last year the AAH high school team won our regional Science Olympiad competition and performed in the top five statewide in several events.

The high school AAH science team is completely run by the students, who make the travel arrangements, enter the competitions, and organize their competitions and events. For the middle school team, parents serve as mentors and coaches for all events.

A central goal of the team is to build a greater interest in science and to make it a fun and social activity. Membership on the team also allows students to practice public speaking and to use the competitions to learn about teamwork and sportsmanship. While the team’s activities provide some great science education opportunities, the team is not a substitute for a science curriculum or home-directed study.

Bio: The Austin Area Homeschoolers Science Team expects to participate in two competitions in the Spring: Science Bowl and Science Olympiad. Austin Area Homeschoolers Science Team meets weekly near 2222 and Mopac from 12:00-2:00 (Middle School) and 2:00-4:00 (High School) on Thursdays. Meetings are centered around learning science, preparing for Science Bowl, Science Olympiad, and having fun! Space is limited for next year, however the AAH Science Team welcomes visitors and applications.

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