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Austin Planetarium Discovery Dome

Project: A 30' x 30' portable planetarium

The Austin Planetarium Discovery Dome is a portable planetarium that we take to schools and events in the central Texas area. Inside the dome is an immersive, digital learning experience to encourage children’s interest in science and that complements the school’s curriculum. We have both interactive star presentations and full-dome planetarium videos for ages preschool through high school and adult, covering topics such as constellations, solar system, space exploration, and biology. Everyone at the Maker Faire is welcome to enter the Dome and discover the universe for themselves! We also will have a summer Astro Camp for children ages 6-12 – one session is “Astronauts, Rockets and Rovers” and 2 sessions are “Planets, Stars, and Telescopes.”

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Bio: The Austin Planetarium is a private non-profit dedicated to creating a world-class science and technology museum and planetarium to inspire Central Texas children and adults to learn about the wonders of science and space.

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