Maker list

Austin Waldorf School

Student projects on display:
high school: hand carved wooden clock, blacksmith calipers, wooden lamp, book binding, stop motion animation, student-designed fonts, infrared spectrometer (senior project)
middle school: wooden stool, pinhole camera
elementary school: knitted lion, shelter project, Celtic knot placemats

Hands-on projects at Maker Faire:
make your own knitting needles,
chip carve balsa wood project,
make felted flowers,
“see sound” on a Chladni plate

Maker website:

Bio: "Our highest endeavor must be to develop free human beings who, of themselves, are able to give purpose and direction to their lives" ~ Rudolf Steiner Waldorf Education, founded in 1919 by the Austrian philosopher, scientist, and artist Rudolf Steiner, has grown into an educational movement with over 900 independent schools in 55 countries. Austin Waldorf School, established in 1980, serves over 380 students from kindergarten through twelfth grade. The school's guiding values are a life-long love of learning, creative thinking and self-confidence, a sympathetic interest in the world and the lives of others, and an abiding sense of moral purpose. Learning in a Waldorf school is an imaginative, enlivening, and creative process. The common thread in every subject is the artistic element - art, music, drama, storytelling, poetry, and crafts are woven into the curriculum. Accepting high school applications through June first.

Maker list