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Edge of Imagination Station

Project: Interactive mobile stop motion animation lab

The Edge of Imagination Station is an interactive mobile stop motion animation lab. Stop motion is a type of animation where a series of still pictures are played as a movie giving the illusion of motion. Using chalk, paper, clay, 3-D objects and custom user friendly software, participants can bring their ideas to life and add sounds right here, right now. All the videos that are created are grouped together and posted online at So what are you waiting for? Make ART now!

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Bio: Johnny Villarreal is a multimedia artist living and working in Austin. Over the last ten years he has lived in central Texas studying different art forms including film, animation, sculpture and painting. Since completing his undergrad in 2008 he has been developing, touring, and leading workshops with The Edge of Imagination Station, an interactive stop motion animation lab in venues such as the Mc Nay Museum, Artpace, and the Waldorf School. Additionally he teaches studio art and digital video classes at the Bronze Doors Academy, conducts screen printing workshops in public schools for the Mexic-Arte Museum, and serves as a kinetic sculpture instructor for an after school art based youth outreach program called Totally Cool, Totally Art. In the past he has taught animation camps at the Dougherty Art Center, and the Salvage Vanguard Theater. As a member of the arts community, Johnny has served as juror for VASE and Jr.VASE, exhibited and installed art at venues in and around Austin as well as helped organize and participated in numerous Art and Music Festivals. His own work consists of experiments and creations of animation, paintings, drawings, screen prints, photography, and installations. As an artist and a human being living amongst almost seven billion others, he is interested in collaboration as he is believes that we are able do greater things together than we can alone.

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