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John P. Funk- Enchanted Lands

John P. Funk Performs Enchanted Lands Soundscapes His live music show incorporates diverse talents with a wide musical range of Ambient, World Beat and Electro using Acoustic/Electric/Synth guitars, Flutes, Delays, Loops & Samples.

John’s Atmospheric light show uses his own inventions/sci-fi props mixed with laser projectors and LED lights to create a space theme that completes the Enchanted Lands experience.

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Bio: Enchanted Lands marks the debut Musical Recording from John Patrick Funk. John has been a musician/guitar player since his teens and has explored many artistic endeavors throughout his life including being a professional 3D Animator in Gaming and Simulation, a Producer, Director and Writer of short films, published inventor of Robots and Electronic Art, a successful Art Director and creator of Visual Effects and recently a composer and producer of Film Score.

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