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LEGO Minifigure Customization

Project: Come learn how to make custom LEGO based minifigures.

Primarily we will demonstrate the use of waterslide decal creation and application. We will also cover custom part creation and silicon rubber molding to cast replicas of those custom parts. We will also discuss the use of LEDs and EL wire in the lighting of custom figures.

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Bio: You're creating a LEGO(r) version of the Zombie Apocalypse and you need a variety of customized minifigures to complete the scene -- what are you going to do? Or a reenactment of the Spartan Wars in Greece? Or a super-detailed scene from Star Wars(tm) -- The Clone Wars? In the LEGO fan community, estimated by many to be the largest model-building community in the world, such questions are taken seriously. And despite the prodigious efforts of the LEGO company to produce an amazing variety of models and parts, the opportunities for creative expression using LEGOs are boundless -- frequently resulting in needs like those described above. This is where Jared K. Burks makes his mark. An internationally-recognized maker in the LEGO-modeling field, Jared designs and produces custom minifigures, decals and custom accessories. Working in the medical industry to support his passion, Jared is known online as the "Kaminoan" for his ability to create a huge variety of Star Wars characters using LEGO minifigures. These figurines stand just over 1.5 inches tall, so incredible detail is involved. Jared uses a variety of current and traditional technologies to achieve these objectives, and he will demonstrate much of this at the Austin Mini Maker Faire. And some Maker Faire attendees will have the rare opportunity to learn basic techniques and work with him on actual LEGO minifigure customization!

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