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LIFE: Learning Innovations in Future Education


Learning Innovations in Future Education (LIFE) is the new education arm of The Futures Lab, Inc. The practical application of emerging and immersive technologies in the creation, design, and production of our version of experiential education is based on what TFL founder Derek Woodgate coins “sense events” (which is the bailiwick of our FEEL division). These multisensory, immersive, interactive events tangibly, engagingly, and tactilely demonstrate many of the wonderful, “magical,” and creative emerging inventions and innovations in development, specifically, those that are aimed at future‐proofing (anticipating future developments, which empower students to take actions to minimize possible negative consequences, as well as identify opportunities) and augmenting our collective future. The goal in to inform, inspire, ignite, and catalyze the student.

At Maker Faire, we will feature info boards as well as compelling video on our four areas of focus: “Living Classrooms” (including transformative spaces), “Make Magic,” Redesigning Conferences and Workshops, and Interactive Storytelling.

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Bio: CEO, Maggie Duval has an extensive background in the technology realm, as well as future-focused event production. She also serves as an both an educator at and advisor to the innovative Austin Skybridge Academy, focusing on the “T” (technology) and “E” (engineering) components of their holistic STEAM/”Make Lab” educational approach.

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