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Lil’Red – BMX Solar Tracker

Project: Dual-axis solar tracker made from a boy's BMX bike frame

Lil’Red can be used to boost PV output over 40%, or even as a heliostat. It uses two separate single axis tracking controllers that were designed to be as simple yet compact as possible. The “TinyTracker” controllers are an effect yet low-cost device based on the Atmel ATTiny85 microprocessor, which is supported by the Arduino Open Source software development system, and can be easily re-programmed for different tracking needs.
A hands-on TinyTracker that can be pointed at different angles toward a light source is connected to an actuator motor, and allows visitors to learn about light sensing and see how trackers work.

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Bio: Mark MacDonald studied physics at UT Austin and has over 20 years of software development experience. He is an accomplished musician, yoga teacher, and is the president and founder of Home CSP, Inc..

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