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Lynx A Camera

Project: The world's first point-and-shoot 3D camera

It’s the world’s first point-and-shoot 3D camera. It’s not a conventional camera, but it’s like a camera. If you can use a point-and-shoot Nikon, you’ll find the Lynx even easier to use. Instead of outputting 2D images, it produces 3D models of whatever you point it at. Come over and get 3D scanned!

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Bio: The company spawned from a computer vision research group at UT. People in the community got really excited about what we were doing and we formed a company to get these tools into people's hands. The team is all former students of UT and a college professor, with over a combined 15 years of expertise in computer vision. Every person on the team is involved with customer projects and communities, and we talk to Makers, VFX-ers, and Architects daily.

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