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Making a Race for Everyone

Project: Make your own medal to celebrate your own wonderful something!
“If you get a medal, will you wear it to school on Monday so I can see it?” Inspired by their teacher’s first experience of running a half marathon here in Austin (and, yes, getting a medal for crossing the finish line!), the children at Tigerlily Preschool decide they will have their own race. With their own medals. And a red ribbon at the finish line. What kind of race will be a good-feeling race where everybody can win? This project shares these four-year-olds’  undertaking of their Race for Everyone as told through photo images and the children’s own words, illustrations, stories, sculptures, and constructions.

Interactive component: Tell the children what you think about their race! Viewers of all ages are invited to share their thoughts about the children’s project in a community notebook to be compiled at the Faire and then shared with these young Makers back at school.

Then, make your own medal to celebrate your own wonderful something! We’ll have an assortment of open-ended materials to create with.
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Bio: Marie Catrett is founder, teacher, and puddle spaloosher at Tigerlily Preschool where she uses daily documentation to record children's learning, support children’s interests, teach with intention, connect families to the journey, and share her work with other folks who might be interested in a playful, creative, and expressive early childhood experience.

Maker list