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New Farm Institute at Green Gate Farm

Project: Farm Camp Preview: Building tents, tepees, treehouses; cooking, crafts, and carpentry; Care for horses, chickens, pigs, etc

The New Farm Institute will be showcasing a variety of projects that students can participate in at their upcoming farm camp sessions.

Projects will include:
-Building tents, tepees, treehouses, and more
-Get handy cooking, crafts, and carpentry
-Care for horses, chickens, pigs, etc.
-And others!

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Bio: New Farm Institute, the nonprofit education center created by Green Gate Farms, hosts children, adults, farmers, gardeners, policymakers, and everyone in between at our award-winning camps and workshops. Participants learn about self-sufficiency, sustainable farming, gardening, permaculture, how to get involved with Austin’s local food community, and so much more.

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