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Sciborg Guitars LIVE!

Project: Custom Handmade Guitars

I had a dream about a guitar that was like no other. So I sketched it out when I woke up and then set about building this guitar. It became the Sciborg Hurricane #1. Since then I’ve been playing this guitar in my band, Sciborg & the Robopimps and have completed 4 more guitars. There are now four different models in the lineup of Sciborg Guitars: Hurricane, Starship, Battle Axe and the Saber Tooth. So the booth will display the most recent guitars along with Sciborg Hurricane #1. There will be guitars on display and guitars that people can play too. We’ll also do a live performance with my Super Funk band: Sciborg & the Robopimps too. We’ll wear our space suits.

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Bio: Sam Alexander has been playing guitar since the age of five. Having built a few guitars, his dream has expanded to building a world class guitar company. He arrived in Austin, TX in 1990 with aspirations of building a band and going to college. After catching up on algebra and business calculus classes, he was able to graduate from the University of Texas in 1998. In 1999 he published a book that he wrote while attending college and since wrote a couple more Sci-Fi novels. His love of Isaac Asimov novels, Star Trek and Star Wars influenced him to construct an array of cyborg costumes that have won many a costume contest. Its no coincidence that his whole band wears the spaced out garb in the name of entertainment. Its all part of the show and entertain you they will. Currently a CD is being published and should be ready by March 15, 2013. Its some heavy duty Punk-Funk Rock & Roll.

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