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The Austin Astronomical Society

Project: Homemade Telescopes and DIY Astronomical Devices

The Austin Astronomical Society seeks to encourage creativity and discovery in its members and in the individuals they encounter through their various functions and events. An observing session is incomplete without a telescope and what better way to express originality and ingenuity then through the design and execution of homemade apparatus. On display you will find various examples of homegrown telescopic devices and the creators will be available to answer any questions you might have about their creations. To take part in observations of your own join members for some hands on make it yourself astronomical craftwork including building your own planisphere, creating your own constellation cards and constructing your own solar system mobile.

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Bio: The Austin Astronomical Society was founded in 1969 by Austin residents and University of Texas students interested in astronomy. Members meet monthly and hosts public star parties at the Eagle Eye Observatory at Canyon of the Eagles.

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