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Project: YogaSlacking brings yoga to the slackline as unique aspect of the practice that teaches complete body awareness

Slacklining is a balance sport of walking, and/or performing static poses or dynamic tricks on a 1-2 inch wide piece of webbing strung between two solid objects.
YogaSlacking brings yoga to the slackline as unique aspect of the practice that teaches complete body awareness, helping you to refine your sense of balance and mental focus.
Slacklining is great for yogis, climbers, couch potatoes, and athletes of all kinds! In this slacklining demo you’ll see the basics of the Slackasana series. This includes standing (commitment), kneeling (core strength), sitting (focus), and arm balancing (breath).
All ages and skill levels can learn to slackline and NO previous experience is necessary.

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Bio: YogaSlacker Kimberly Margaret is a living, breathing dichotomy. She celebrates the light AND the dark; the good days and the bad- for it is her firm belief that you cannot have one without the other. When she is not defying the necessity of sleep by expressing her deepest heart thoughts through typing fingers or sorting vintage buttons until the wee hours of the morning, you can usually find her..... listening to loud music, being barefoot, smashing her face into frosted cupcakes, lounging on smooth, flat river rocks in the Texas sun, relishing the romance of knitting socks with thin strands of wool and wooden double pointed needles by low light in the evenings, laughing at children's antics, or reading anything and everything she can get her hands on. She has a ukulele but she doesn't really play it. She enjoys washing dishes by hand, drinking icy, sparkly Coca-Cola as a special treat, and organizing the chaos out of life by putting things where they belong. She has been known to subsist for days on end by eating nothing but pickled okra and goat cheese crumbles. She is a constant fan of the saying: Do something you love EVERYDAY, and is particularly fond of the phrase: Harmless as a box of kittens. Kimberly lives by the motto: "If your world has come undone......fasten it securely to the horizon.........with a slackline...........and balance, balance, balance." With Slacklining as a catalyst, in the very marrow of her bones she has learned to know this: Our bodies are capable of SO much more than we've imagined for ourselves! Further, there are things we can already do with our body/mind connection that we don't even know we can do because we have never thought to allow ourselves to try! In the current year, should you seek, you will find Kimberly working toward becoming a compassionate giver of Thai massage, and central Texas' most notorious slacker mom. On her way to achieving these goals, she remains an imperfect parent, a struggling rock climber, and a source of encouragement to all who want to excel beyond their current level of fabulousness.

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