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Li’l Tchotchkes and Fartsy Arts


‘Lil Tchotchkes is a program designed to guide students in grades 6-12 to create a mini business with their art and/or crafts. A carefully designed curriculum will guide the students enrolled in the 6 week summer 2012 program, through the process of creating a well thought out and constructed mini business. Incorporated in the curriculum is financial planning, budgeting, and saving for future goals, in addition to making the product, marketing, pricing, and branding. Visitors can visit the tent to create a one of a kind upcycled ‘Lil Tchotchkes patch using a Yudu machine and/or a rustic cowboy and cowgirl mobile that is reflective of the style used with Fartsy Arts, my personal mini business that has served as the biggest inspiration for the development of ‘Lil Tchotchkes.

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Maker name: Casey Janowski

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