Nerdy Derby: The Competition!

                                              NERDY DERBY! Sponsored by FND_Logo_Black

This year Foundry (a new social network for Makers!) is sponsoring the Nerdy Derby track and is giving away SIX HUNDRED racecar building kits on a first come, first serve basis at the Faire on Saturday morning starting at 10 am.  You can build you car at the Faire, or take it home with you and build it there, and then bring it back on Sunday (must be turned in at the track by 12 pm to race!) for the SUPER EXCITING COMPETITION starting at 1 pm .  Build and race to win amazing prizes: gift ceritificates to SparkFun, Circuit Scribe Maker kits, and even a Makerbot 3D Digitizer!!


1) You can use these materials provided, or you can use any other materials you would like. But to race your car must :

       a) be no more than 5 pounds

       b) Contain no blades, spikes, projectiles, or pyrotechnics

       c) be no more than 8 inches wide

2) You can work on the car at the Faire (Austin Tinkering School will be on site providing teachers, tools, and tinkering know-how) or you can take your kit home with you and work on it there but…

3) You MUST turn in your car on Sunday May 17 AT the Nerdy Derby racetrack BEFORE 12 pm to be able to compete. Cars turned in after 12 pm on Sunday May 17 will not be able to race. Cars left overnight on Saturday will not be able to race. You must be present to win.

4) Suggestions:

      a) Car bodies should be approximately 1 1/2 inches wide to be able to straddle the ‘rail’ of the racetrack. Wheels should be no more than 1/2 inch wider on either side.

     b) Give your car an awesome name: The Abominator. Heck on Wheels. Texas Tornado.

      c) Prizes are great, but above all else, HAVE FUN!!

5) Tweet a pic of your finished ride to @hellofoundry for a chance to win even more prizes!

NERDY DERBY: The Prizes!!

6th place – $50 gift certificate to Sparkfun

5th place – $75 gift certificate to Sparkfun

4th place – $100 gift certificate to Sparkfun

3rd place – $150 gift certificate to Sparkfun + Circuit Scribe Maker Kit

2nd place – $200 gift certificate to Sparkfun + Circuit Scribe Maker Kit

1st place – Makerbot 3D Digitizer + Circuit Scribe Maker Kit

Best designed $150 gift certificate to Sparkfun + Circuit Scribe Maker Kit

Most creative use of parts $150 gift certificate to Sparkfun + Circuit Scribe Maker Kit

Why the Austin Mini Maker Faire is truly a Family Friendly event


By Bernadette Noll of Slow Family Living

DSC05204_1   20130505-DSC_0603 (2)

There are many events that call themselves Family Friendly and with great intention. They have kid booths and adult booths and it seems like there is something for everyone! And there is, just not always at the same time and place.

At the Austin Mini Maker Faire, there truly is something for all ages and often while sitting at the same table. At Austin Mini Maker Faire you won’t find yourself hovering above your child as they work on a kid craft. Rather you’ll be in the chair next to them working on your own thing. Maybe you’ll be soldering together or stitching up a cool lunch bag or working on a weaving or listening to the Walking Tree of Life as he discusses how he made that amazing costume of his. And when you’re engaged in an activity, your child will most likely be engaged too – in your project or a project of their own.20130505-DSC_0571 (2)  20130505-DSC_0335 (2)

This Faire is truly multi-generational. You’ll find yourselves sitting down together – both of you equally enthralled and engaged in an activity. You’ll be glad when your kid wants to linger a little longer in the craft area. Your child will be psyched that you want to check out the drones for just a while more. And you’ll both be ecstatic by weekend’s end, that you learned something, tried something, discovered something, or made something together. Over and over and over again. DSC05155_1



Boneshaker Big Wheel

Ron Schroer and his Boneshaker BigWheel will be at the Faire this year, all the way from Jacksonville, FL!

Boneshaker Big Wheel 2014 incarnation from Ron Schroer on Vimeo.

From an article in Fine Woodworking magazine: This unique wooden “penny farthing” style bicycle was built by Ron Schroer, a Jacksonville, Florida resident. After going through chemo a few years ago, he said he realized “if I didn’t let some of my crazy out before I passed, I’d be disappointed with myself.” The only goal of his art projects has been to make people smile- and they do.

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Austin Mini Maker Faire 2015: the T-shirt!

Hey!  It’s our AWESOME new AMMF 2015 T-shirt design by the inimitable Kat Townsend!  Volunteer a fun 4 hour shift and gain free entry to the faire AND one of these spiffy AMMF T-shirts in red.  Both red and blue will be on sale at the Faire. Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 1.11.49 PMScreen Shot 2015-05-05 at 1.11.54 PM

Top 10 Ways to Attend the 2-Day Austin Mini Maker Faire


by Bernadette Noll, craft coordinator for Austin Mini Maker Faire

For the first time in Austin Mini-Maker Faire history, the Maker Faire is TWO FULL DAYS!!! We have lots of fun things on the schedule each day including hands-on workshops, music,  interactive exhibits, rides, games, activities,  a jam-packed speaker’s stage and more! Not sure how it’ll work for you and your family? Here are just a few reasons you should plan on filling your weekend with the Austin Mini Maker Faire!

  1. Buy a weekend pass. Come with your kids one day and WITHOUT your kids the next. The Maker Faire is definitely NOT just for kids!
  2. Pick up your Nerdy Derby race car kit on Saturday. (only 600 available!!  Free until they’re gone!)  Come back Sunday for the exciting Nerdy Derby Grand event sponsored by Foundry for a chance to win some amazing prizes!
  3. Bring a date. You know that person you’ve had your eye on for a while now? Or that one who shares your house? Show them your intelligent AND fun side by buying a pair of weekend tickets to the Faire.
  4. Grab a schedule of events on the first day and plot your weekend’s Maker Faire itinerary. We’ve got a full schedule of bands, interactive workshops, speakers and events – come both days so you don’t miss a beat. (and with bands like Minor Mishap Marching Band and Mazeltov Kocktail Hour that’ll be quite a beat indeed!)
  5. How can you learn to solder, sew, make a hula hoop, use a 3D printer all in one day AND check out the amazing BoneShaker Big Wheel all in one day?? Plan on a full weekend for a full hands-on, life changing experience!
  6. Bring your high school students for an event way more informative than any college fair EVER!! It could be at the Faire that they find their lifelong passion.
  7. Come with one child one day and one child the next for the perfect parent/child one-on-one interactive experience.
  8. Got a birthday party to plan? Have it at the Maker Faire and bring a whole pack of kids. Then come back the next day with just the family!
  9. Bring your swimsuits and splash in the fountain at Butler Park. Then dry off on the Bike Zoo Carousel! Maker Faire is a reason to spend the entire weekend in the park!
  10. Make one day a tech day and the next an arts and crafts day. From Arduino to lace making, from 3D printing to hand sewing, Austin Mini Maker Faire has got it all!!!

So go ahead and put both days on your calendar, because you will be sad if you don’t! (so will we!)

DSC04785_2 copy DSC05204_1 J.RaymondDSC_9246_1.5_1024