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Come sew, craft, and Make in the Fabric Factory!

This year’s Craft Zone is going to be ROCKIN!! Using a surplus of denim and tee-shirts, America’s favorite fabrics, we’ll paint, stitch, draw, cut, hammer and string up some fantastic projects. Make a denim bag to carry to the pool. Stitch up a wine bag to bring to your next picnic. Cut tee-shirts into a ball of yarn. Customize your new favorite cut-offs. Come on Sunday to participate in artist Melissa Knight’s Community Fabric Collage using her own amazing beautiful batik fabrics. And slip your message to the world by stamping up your personal motto on a good old-fashioned ladies’ slip. Or, if you’re the creative type, show us what you can do with the surplus of fabrics and materials presented to you! 11229381_10206302322174634_4863985095783696444_n

Special shout out to Outside Voice for helping to sponsor this year’s Fabric Factory. And to Austin’s own New Bohemia for the seemingly endless supply of denim. And to the amazing Stitch Lab for sending us machines to use all weekend.
Come play! The Fabric Factory is going to be SEW AMAZING!!!11119432_10206306839767571_1184831491799658124_n

The Fiber Lounge

Hang out with fiber artists, stitchers, designers & instructors and get your art on, watch demonstrations, and participate in small workshops on various fiber art techniques.

Art In A Nutshell

A prehistoric cave painter utilized a bulge on the wall to be the body of an animal, Leonardo da Vinci claimed to see whole battle scenes go down on mold stained walls, tea-leaf readers divine the future based on the shapes created by the leaves found at the bottom of the seeker’s cup, Rorscach based a psychoanalytic tool on the resemblances recognized in inkblots, children the world over point out the resemblances in the skies formed by clouds, international news agencies regularly feature a story of someone who has found a resemblance (both striking and vague) that is either not man-made or inadvertantly man-made found in such media as rocks, clouds, stains, food, etc., and a new field based on resemblances in nature’s patterns at the intersection of science and design is Biomimicry. Hidden inside every peanut is a feature that resembles an old man’s head complete with hood and beard. By carving a body out of the peanut it gave the breath of life to the character I call the Old Man in the Peanut. This quintessential example, along with The Peanut Paradigm, introduces Abstract Extraction and formalizes this way of seeing with terminology, past examples, and practice – by way of staring at scribbles and drip paintings, looking for resemblances and then fleshing out the representational art with color and shading.

Diana Basna Art

Handmade crochet stuffed animals and wood burned cutting boards.

World On A String

Crochet jewelry in pearls, gemstones, shells, glass, and other beautiful materials from around the world, made simply with a small steel hook and strong thread. Fiber art guitars.

Until recently in history, necessity demanded constant attention to handwork. Homespun crafts like crocheting and knitting were domestic chores. If you or your family needed blankets, socks, hats, and the like, you made them yourself. Today, creating and crafting are ways to relax, enjoy, and explore artistry.

As the marvels of modern technology abound at Maker Faire, traditional arts are still appreciated today.