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Robocode Kids

RoboCode Kids inspires innovation and cultivates creativity by exposing kindergarten through eighth grade students to robotics, computer programming, and 3D printing. RoboCode Kids takes a holistic approach to teaching students to build fully functioning robots using EV3 Lego Mindstorms, guides students through objective-based computer programming, and brings student ideas to life by allowing them to create and 3D print functioning robot parts.

FIRST Robotics

Robots, Robots, Robots
Robots move, robots drive and robots race

Girl Scouts of Central Texas FIRST Robotics Team #2881 has robots for adults and kids to see, touch and drive.


DAR-1 is an autonomous social robot. Curious about people, he’ll study your eyes and your smile with the intensity of a focused child. He’s shy, though. If you get a little too close to him, he’ll get nervous and try to back away. See how long you get him to keep following your eyes by looking deep into his.

DAR-1 is a social robot with the purpose of challenging people’s notions of what it means to be “alive.” He is a showcase for inexpensive technology that can be brought together to produce a highly performant and nimble robot for various applications. DAR-1 demonstrates the power of the open source OpenCV computer vision technology.

CoroBot Spark

It is an open source robotics education platform based on the Raspberry Pi and our own developed CoroBot Pi Hat. This robotics platform has been specifically engineered to be easily made and assembled by Makers with access to 3D Printers and Laser cutters. The programming environment is based on Python and will run a software stack based on Anaconda. To learn more about it check it out on Indigogo:

Capitol BEST Robotics

Capitol BEST is a 6-week robotics design contest for middle schools and high schools with the intent of inspiring student to follow careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields of study.

Capitol BEST is one of 46 hubs (contest sites) within the BEST Robotics Inc. umbrella. BEST Robotics began in 1993 with only 14 teams in North Texas. In 2014, the program reached over 880 schools and 15,500 students across 15 states.